Why I do what I do


I had a client ask me recently what got me into copywriting, so I figured it would be worth writing a short post about why I do what I do.

What I noticed, from my earliest forays into freelance work in 2015, was that many business owners struggle to communicate what they are about or the point they are trying to make. I initially understood little about the sales process of most business (“delivering value to customers” wasn’t in my lexicon until much later). However, armed with my education, I would see writing that made it difficult to understand what people were selling or what problem they were trying to solve.

I learned quickly that, while I constantly observed this lack of clarity, most people didn’t care too much about copy if their business was doing “OK.”

That was hard to accept. I had, and still, a deep desire for things to make sense – to be clear and easy to understand. I still sometimes say, half-jokingly, that my goal is to get people to make sense on the internet, as futile as that ambition often seems.

However, I did come to appreciate my desire to help others be understood was not for everyone. What all my earliest clients shared, was a desire themselves to not only make themselves understood, (some of my clients remain individuals who are amazing salespeople in person, but struggle to translate that brilliance into the written word), but were motivated to put themselves in the shoes of their customers and clients and make their experience better or easier.

It was they who taught me some of the most important things I needed to know to go into business as a freelancer. They were also where I found my work was most rewarding – not just because I was helping them be clear, but helping them try to improve the experience, and maybe the lives, of others.

Since then, improving the experience of others continues to be a central motivation that makes me love being a freelance copywriter, and as long as I can do that, I will continue.

That is why I do what I do.