What would you say if I said I can give you an extra 4 hours a week? what would you do with it?  Like most entrepreneurs running their business, owning and operating is a daunting task for me.  It is sometimes hard to release control, but once I did with Andrew managing my content, I would never go back.  He helped me to clearly define my brand and consistency in my messaging.  This has made it easier to deliver the right message, clearly and effectively to my clients.  The communication strategy has made it easier to deliver the value of the service I offer.  This has not only grown my social media traffic by 120%, but also the number of customers and referrals.  Thank you, Andrew.

Eric McRae, Owner

Andrew helped develop the social media marketing strategy for my business. He worked with me to create buyer personas, define the value of my services, identify the best platforms for reaching my audience, and improve the SEO of my website. His thoughtful approach and willingness to ask the tough questions dramatically improved the impact of my brand. Now, instead of dreading the time I spend on social media marketing, I find myself actually enjoying it!

Alex Keenan, Founder

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