Social Media Service Packages

Support Package


Up to 5 Posts per Week per Platform 

Up to 2 Platforms Managed

Simple Monthly Report

Simple Content Strategy

Standard Package

Starting from $700/month

Up to 5 Posts per Week per Platform

Up to 3 Platforms Managed

Content Calendar

Monthly Report

Simple Content Strategy

Brand Monitoring

Full Service Package

Starting from $2,000/month

Up to 75 Posts per Month per Platform

Up to 5 Platforms Managed

Content Research

Content Calendar

Detailed Monthly Report

Advanced Content Strategy

Data Analytics, Keyword Research

Brand Monitoring

Live Engagement

Taking the Overwhelm Out Of Content Creation

It can be an enormous burden on a business owner to manage all of the content for their blog, social media, and newsletters, especially with limited time and resources.

It can also be difficult to prioritize taking action on steps that build a stronger brand for your future —running an enterprise has so many more immediate demands.

With content marketing services, you can get your content organized and under control, freeing your time to do the things that are most valuable for your business.

Content Marketing is all about building your Brand's Future

Whatever you may have heard, content won't make you an overnight success. While other kinds of marketing try to grab your audience's attention right now, content marketing is about building a brand that will outlast them all.

If you're committed to building a great future for your brand with content, I would love to meet you!”