Helping you share your ideas with clarity


Andrew Monro Writing & Editing

Helping you share your ideas with clarity

Hello, my name is Andrew Monro. I am a professional writer and editor who helps entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits express themselves and engage with their audience, clients, and supporters.

My goal with everyone I work with is, be it a business that needs a report for their client or a charity that needs copy-writing for their next fund-raising campaign, that their writing expresses their ideas clearly, professionally, and tailored to the tone and style of their brand.

If you find it frustrating or time-consuming to write that next grant application, or edit the latest piece for your business blog, I can help you get it done - helping you free up your valuable time to do the work that you want to do.

I have three years' experience in the field of communications, engaging in a diverse range of areas including public relations, academia, marketing, public policy, and strategic communications.

So if you have something that needs to be written or edited, fire me an email, give me a call or contact me on social media. I am happy to meet you over a coffee or beer and find out how I can help you share your ideas with clarity.

Writing & Editing Services specializing in:

  • Reports

  • Proposals

  • Copy-writing

  • Web Content Writing